Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Harvey Norman Catalogue

If you’re someone who buys from Harvey Norman, or Amazon, then you’ve already taken advantage of shopping online. So, you can prove how convenient it is to shop online than going to supermarkets and malls. It is clear that more and more people are finding it more efficient to take advantage of home shopping catalogues, such as the Harvey Norman Catalogue and using these online. Noticed that most giant conglomerates are on the internet? From BIG W to Target to Harvey Norman – all of these stores are now offering order catalogue online for their consumers.

Come to think of it. It is more convenient to sit in front of a computer and buy the items you like using your mouse. More convenient than battling your way to every rack at the mall or falling in long lines just to fit a dress or two. Plus, you don’t have to be irritated by inattentive or rude sales people. Beware though, nothing can be perfect and there might just be some drawbacks to using home the Harvey Norman Catalogues.

The Pros – Reasons to Love the Harvey Norman Shopping Catalogues

Convenience is the number one reason why people love catalogues, catalogues for electronics, or for the latest deals even for household items. Your purchases are also delivered right at your doorsteps. No hassle even transporting your goods – the shops will do it for you.
The ease of payment and the various payment options available are also reasons to love this conventional shopping method. You usually pay for your items using credit card, debit card or check. The cost is usually spread out on flexible terms. What most people love about this? They can buy items even if they have a little bad credit history.

Harvey Norman Catalogue

The Cons – Why You Should Be Careful

The disadvantage of any kinds of catalogues – even the Harvey Norman catalogue – is that you usually have to wait for your purchases to be delivered. Unlike in traditional shopping, you can’t have the items with you right after your purchase.  Although this time has been reduced substantially in the past years. There is also the risk that your information might be sold to other companies. Also, some items are difficult to buy if you cannot actually see or touch them. But overall, we can say that the pros are definitely beating the cons.

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